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The Rime

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The Rime is a sound art installation inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner that explores what it means to live in close proximity with the sea.


In a poetic interpretation of place, the piece fuses field recordings of underwater and above water environments with original orchestral and choral music composed by Northumberland folk artist Katie Doherty and performed by artists and voices from the community.


It is a deep dive into exploring the world around us through sound events, both imagined and experienced.

You can listen to a compilation of extracted movements from The Rime below. Although the piece is designed to be a durational experience presented as a sound sculpture, this 'abridged' binaural version offers a flavour of the sonic narrative and aesthetic.

Please note: this compilation contains binaural recordings which are best experienced by listening with a pair of headphones.

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Audiences describe The Rime as:

"Inspiring, thought-provoking, uplifting, changed the way I experience natural sounds, I loved the communal experience of listening."

"A very profound and meditative experience."

"Amazing. Different. Ambitious. I'd never been to an immersive sound installation before and it's really great to see it in the region."

The making of The Rime has been documented at each step of the R&D and production process in our Digital Scrapbook which I invite you to explore via the links below.

Digital Scrapbook contents

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