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Recording the Northumberland Orchestral Society and Amble Harbour Light's Community Choir

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R&D Phase 2, September 2022

This process is a relay for our creative team. The poem and graphic score  from R&D Phase 1 have been taken forward into the second stage of R&D and used by Matthew Tuckey and Katie Doherty as inspiration for their compositions for The Rime.

Katie was commissioned to compose a new piece for orchestra and choir in response to field recordings, poetry and graphic score. Working with orchestrator and conductor Alastair Lord, the new score for four compositions was prepared and rehearsed with Amble Harbour Light's Community Choir and Northumberland Orchestral Society and recorded at Jesmond URC.

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Drawing You InTide SwellThe Deep, and Moon on the Sea were performed by a community orchestra and choir who also improvised Deeper under Matthew Tuckey and Katie Doherty's creative direction.

For Northumberland Orchestral Society: Simon Carter, Bill Dickinson, Wendy Locks, Ruth Slater, Scarlet Taylor (Violin 1), Susan Firbank, Caterina Griffiths, I-Hsien Porter, Nicole Simpson-Burns, Sarah Teoh (Violin 2), Liz Clark, Eleanor Horn, Clare Wakenshaw, Sarah Walters (Violas), Nick Barker, Louis Delstanche, Ann-Marie Peace, Susanna Taylor (Cello), Tim Farrow (Double Bass), Emily Apor (Flute/Piccolo), Sarah Clemmetsen (Flute), Anita Arris (Oboe), Tracy Reed (Clarinet 1), Karen Riddle (Clarinet 2), Philip Meikle (Bassoon 2), Ruth McArdle-Capon (Bassoon 1), Hugh Harris, Alexandra Marsden, David Tallent (French Horns), Phil Rutherford (Tuba), Mike de la Hunt, Ben Haslam, Chris Tuckey (Trombones), Alex Lewis (Trumpet), Steven Moore, Michael Mather (Percussion), Finlay Horn (Timpani).

For Amble Harbour Light's Community Choir: Mary Davidson (Chair), Sarah Gray (Choir Leader), Anne Harker, Jane Campbell, Kate Wilson, Sarah Mitchell, Tatiana Vilkhovska, David Hodgetts, Vivienne Dalgliesh, Rachel Gray, Jane Dixon, Kay Morris, Alison McPhillips, Susan Young, Beryl King, Margery White, Barbara Sinclair.

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What the participants had to say about performing in the ensemble:

"I had never taken part in any recording like this before. It just felt such a wonderful privilege to be part of it. Matthew and the conductor [Alastair Lord] were so encouraging and enabling... I came away from the experience feeling wonderful, really buzzing with joy and pride."

"For me it was the first time working with a composer and arranger on bespoke composition embracing both melodic and abstract... intellectually stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding."

These recordings are then taken by Matthew as source material, alongside the field recordings, to create the new sound composition that is The Rime.


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