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Trial Installation and first public sharing of The Rime at The Institute in Cambois

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R&D Phase 2, January 2023

Following extensive field recording work, and the creation of the orchestral and choral recordings, Matthew spent an intensive week in the studio theatre at Alnwick Playhouse with a multichannel speaker system, the graphic score and poem to compose The Rime.


This phase of R&D concluded with a trial installation and first public sharing of The Rime at The Institute in Cambois with three audience groups over the course of one day. The creative team harvested observations and comments from all attendees as we look ahead to The Rime's touring phase.

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Audience Feedback

"Immersive! It was a very evocative experience: the winter afternoon light and the proximity of the sea, the unexpected punchbags swaying just so slightly, the space between people, connected by the sounds...I felt transported"

"inspiring, thought-provoking, uplifting, changed the way I experience natural sounds, I loved the communal experience of listening" 

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The Creative Team for The Rime R&D Phase 2

Matthew Tuckey - Sound Artist and Creative Producer

Katie Doherty - Composer and Community Artist

Alastair Lord - Orchestrator and Conductor

Nat Wilkins - Photographic Artist

Anna Robinson - Scenographer

Adam Forster - Recording Engineer

Holly Rees - Assistant Recording Engineer and Field Assistant

Mike Winship - Assistant Recording Engineer and Sound Librarian Editor

Lyria Christensen - Trainee Recording Engineer

Paul Harrison - Installation Technical Assistant

Phill Howarth - Associate Sound Designer, Trial Installation

Matthew Burge - Recording Session Production Manager


With thanks to The Duchess's Community High School, Amble Harbour Lights Community Choir, Sarah Gray, Wendy Scott, The Ambler, Melanie Wilson, November Club, Joe Hufton, Jesmond URC, Alnwick Playhouse, Dance City, Northumberland Theatre Company, CALM Theatre Sounds, Gareth Fry Ltd, Undefined Group, Sunday for Sammy, SPUTNIK, and Arts Council England. A special thanks in memory of Huw Evans, who's encouragement to go for the first small pot of funding put this whole project into motion - "Just turn up."


All rights reserved.


Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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