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Sound Design for Theatre Portfolio

Matthew is a Sound Designer and Sound Artist working across theatre, music, installation, podcast and film. His diverse skills in recording and designing original sound content, experience in collaborating with composers, operators and performers and designing show playback and loudspeaker systems make for a wholistic sound design practice. Matthew also works as an Associate Sound Designer for fellow sound designers and composers.

The Bounds

Written by Stewart Pringle | Directed by Jack McNamara

A Live Theatre and Royal Court co-production

The year is 1553, the true Golden Age of English football. It’s the Allen Valley Whitsun Game, and men will die today.

Time passes. Night falls. The great chain of being collapses. And they’re losing the bloody football.

The Bounds is a darkly comedic tale of national divides, folk horror and the end of the world as we know it.

"Twisty, clever delight... A lush soundscape by Matthew Tuckey provides a backdrop to Verity Quinn’s set (strikingly lit by Drummond Orr), which erupts from the splintered stage” - The Stage ★★★★

"The gear shift from virtual comedy to something approaching folk horror is elegantly handled by Jack McNamara's production, abetted by some eerie ambient sound design from Matthew Tuckey that gives the long cold night an unsettling 'alive' quality." - Time Out

"The impact of Jack McNamara's production is as much down to Matthew Tuckey's terrifying sound design... as it is to the captivating elliptical writing." - WhatsOnStage ★★★★


The Queen of the North

Written and performed by Tommy | Directed by Scott Le Crass

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and by ARC Stockton & Teesside Archives

Tommy’s gone up North to start a revolution.

Queer, disabled and working-class, he’s had enough of being held back by the system, and is determined to finally tear it all down.

But arriving at Stockton High Street’s historic market, Tommy starts to question their ideas about what working classness means to them – and what kind of liberation they really need.

The four pillars of the Stockton community have started their own revolution already. And it’ll take much more than a Southerner with a megaphone to change things for good.


Colliery Boys R&D

Written and Performed by Harry Rundle | Directed by Andy Room

R&D supported by and shared at Laurels, Whitley Bay

In development. More information coming soon.

Colliery Boys_logo_black.png


Written by David Eldridge | Directed by Ian Wooldridge

Produced by the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Performed by BA Acting students in the Webber Douglas Studio Theatre, March 2024.

A family gathers to celebrate.

“It’s Daddy’s birthday

Oh yes it is and it is today

It’s Daddy’s birthday

Oh yes it is and it is today

And now you’ll hear how loud we sing

And now you’ll hear how loud we sing

Tra la la la la

Tra la la la la”

“There have always been ghosts in this house”.

Trauma thrives in darkness.


World's Apart

Written by Elijah Young | Directed by Poppy Crawshaw

Produced by Woven Nest Theatre and Chloe Stott

"How can we live together if we're worlds apart?"

Worlds Apart is a lively celebration of ageing and human resilience as 3 generations are thrown together in a household after years of living apart. Told through the eyes of a young gamer, Worlds Apart allows audiences to transcend reality through an authentic and optimistic look at unpaid care and family relationships in all their messy and marvellous glory. 

banner picture.jpeg

Love It If We Beat Them

Written by Rob Ward | Directed by Bex Bowsher

Produced by Live Theatre in association with Emmerson and Ward Productions

Love It If We Beat Them is a new political drama that explores a time of significant change in the identity of the North East communities and perfectly captures a moment in recent history that defines who we are today. 

Set against the backdrop of the infamous Premier League season when Newcastle United, almost won under the management of Kevin Keegan. It explores the questions: What is power without principle? And what are principles without power? 

It’s Spring 1996, Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United are riding high in the Premier League and Tony Blair’s New Labour are gathering pace. Hope is in the air and victory seems within reach. 

'A smartly written drama about football, family and politics, with strong performances and stunning design' - The Stage ★★★★


Josey, The Indignant Daughter - the digital musical R&D

A new digital musical written by Katie Doherty | Directed by Joe Hufton 

Additional sound design, mixing and mastering by Andrew Cadie

Produced by November Club on commission from The Space

Josey is a new musical written by folk musician Katie Doherty inspired by the life of Northumberland born heroine, feminist and social reformer Josephine Butler.

As sound designer for this digital musical R&D, I worked closely with Katie Doherty on developing a distinct sound world that aids the storytelling and guides the process of recording and producing the studio album.


The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Written by Laura Lindow | Directed by Maria Crocker | Music by Katie Doherty

Produced by Northern Stage and tiny dragon productions

Every Christmas, Northern Stage combine their two main spaces, Stage 1 and Stage 2 to create the Epic Space for their seasonal alternative to the traditional pantomime. In 2021 I was invited to join the creative team in producing The Sorcerer's Apprentice which was remounted for the 2022/23 run.

Apprentice Hatty Rabbit meets Hopkins the Sorcerer for the first time_Pamela Raith Photogr

Repeat Signal

A site-specific play by Tatty Hennessy | Directed by Joe Hufton

Produced by Lizzie Vogler for November Club

When two teenagers sneak into a museum at night to make a film, they find more than they bargained for.

Bibi, recently arrived in Ashington, is an aspiring film maker, taking her phone all over the county, making films to capture what her new life in Northumberland is like, and to send to her brother back home.

Lucas wants to make sure she’s getting his home county right, not just the castles and coastline but the real things that made it. And so, one night he sneaks her into his favourite museum, for an up close, behind the scenes look at his town’s past. The perfect setting for the ultimate video.

But there’s someone – something – else in the museum tonight. Something from the past. And it’s not staying quiet.


Lost, Found and Told - New Audio Tales for Northumberland.

Writer - Fiona Ellis | Composer - Katie Doherty | Director - Cinzia Hardy

Produced by November Club

Lost, Found and Told is inspired by traditional fairy tales and draws on the rich heritage and landscape of Northumberland. Originally conceived as a live performance, Covid-19 restrictions has transformed it into an audio production. For more information, please visit the November Club website here

'Sound Designer' describes an array of my responsibilities on this production, including: recording, editing, and mixing and mastering the dialogue, sound effects, music and ambiences. A large portion of the musical content was recorded by the Composer, Katie Doherty, with vocals, Tambur, Drums and Bodhran recorded by me.

For a brief insight to my field recording process on this project, please see the series of mini-blog posts on here.


Written and Devised by Kitchen Zoo | Directed by Brad McCormick | Music by Katie Doherty

Produced by Kitchen Zoo in association with Northern Stage

For under 5's and their grown ups. Initial run at Northern Stage Christmas 2019/20 followed by a UK tour.


Writer - sean burn | Director - Selma Dimitrijevic

New Wolsey Theatre Testing Ground Commission, produced by gobscure in association with Greyscale

joey is a new play by sean burn touring in June 2019

Performed in English and BSL


Writer - Steve Byron | Director - Katy Weir

Produced by ODDMANOUT, The Worriers, and Alphabetti Theatre

"an often subtle and always effective sound design by Matthew Tuckey." - British Theatre Guide

"a pleasingly unsettling and subtly done echo of Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart throughout." - The Stage


Trolley Boy

Writer - David Raynor | Director - Ali Pritchard | Music by Roma Yagnik

Produced by Alphabetti Theatre

"a beautifully scored and impeccably timed soundtrack adds so much, almost subliminally, to the piece." - British Theatre Guide

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