I am a Sound Designer and Sound Artist working across theatre, music and contemporary art - I regularly collaborate with other artists and theatre makers who are driven by a love of storytelling and immersive experiences.

My practice is broadly focused on a source material, such as field recordings, interviews, or music, and the creative manipulation of its sonic qualities to create a richly textured soundscape. This sound design practice is rooted in my experiences in experimental music production and devised theatre.


I take a holistic approach to sound design that includes content creation, QLab programming, and playback system design. This process is always a collaborative approach involving the wider creative and production teams.

I have worked as a Sound Designer and Associate Sound Designer for theatres and artists including Mortal Fools, Alphabetti Theatre , Enchanted Parks , Northern Stage, Kitchen Zoo, Can't Sit Still Theatre and Filskit Theatre.​

My Sound Design Showreel

All sounds are my own recordings and designs from previous productions and projects. This showreel aims to demonstrate my range, quality, and creativity. Enjoy!

The following times are approximate start and ends of samples:
0.00-0.28 - Heavy Bass Riser (designed sound)
0.28-0.37 - Spacey Riser (designed sound)
0.37-0.38 - Bright Electric Buzz (designed sound)
0.38-0.53 - Comedy TV Walla (designed sound)
0.53-0.53 - Transition Whoosh (designed sound)
0.53-0.55 - Heavy Buzz Whoosh (designed sound)
0.55-1.04 - Church Bell Peals (field recording)
1.04-1.05 - Traffic Light Cartoon Ping (designed sound)
1.05-1.10 - Pigeon Loft Ambience (field recording)
1.10-1.17 - Ominous Sawing Pad (designed sound)
1.17-1.24 - Panning Whoosh Pad (designed sound)
1.24-1.25 - Egg Timer Winding (field recording)
1.25-1.27 - Airy Dark Whoosh (designed sound)
1.27-1.30 - Egg Timer Buzz (field recording)
1.30-1.35 - Neon Light Hum (designed sound)
1.35-1.40 - Rain on Window (field recording)
1.40-1.42 - Bright Shimmer (designed sound)
1.42-1.50 - Stream bubbling (field recording)

What is a Sound Designer?

I am often asked, "What is a Sound Designer?"

A Sound Designer's job is to plan, through a collaborative creative process, the creation and playback of all sonic content in a live environment, digital media, or tangible product. In most instances this involves sourcing and creating a collection of sound effects, either in the studio or in the field and specifying a loudspeaker system. Sound design can be found in some of the most surprising of places and stretches across a broad range of mediums, from theatre productions to corporate branding, from audio notifications to music, from gaming to podcasting.


  • Sound Design

  • Sound Art

  • Field Recording

  • Studio Recording

  • Music Producer

  • Podcast recording (location, studio, and home)

  • Audio digitisation and repairs

  • Educational workshops and lectures on various areas of sound design, engineering and recording.

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