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Under 5's winter show at Northern Stage followed by UK tour

Sound Designer

Produced by Kitchen Zoo in association with Northern Stage

Creative Team

Director - Brad McCormick

Written and Devised - Brad McCormick, Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Bob Nicholson

Performers - Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Bob Nicholson  

Composer - Katie Doherty  

Sound Designer - Matthew Tuckey

Designer - Alison Ashton  

Puppet Designer - Ailsa Dalling

Lighting Designer - Richard Flood  

Producer - Sarah Brown

Production photography by Von Fox Promotions.


"As well as tuneful, cheerful and easy to sing along to music written by Katie Doherty, there’s a continuous, almost subliminal soundscape by Matthew Tuckey... A must for anyone who enjoys children's theatre, especially theatre for very young children." The British Theatre Guide

"Once again I implore you to get along – when a show starts with the line – Beneath the Christmassy moon – then you just know you’re in for a treat." audience member

"As I sat there, surrounded by tiny howling 5-year-olds and their chuckling parents, I found myself utterly charmed." Theatrically Me

"Zak giggled lots at the wolf when he danced in the style of Elvis, and we laughed lots at the humour that was definitely aimed at the adults in the audience." The Daddy Voyage

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