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South Bend (05/06-20)

Sound Artist

South Bend (05-06/20) is my debut EP consisting of four compositions of field recordings and minimalist synthesis. Each piece explores a different state of mind as experienced whilst living in lockdown.

The compositions include subtle sounds and generally have a wide frequency, dynamic and stereo range, so listening with headphones or full range speakers is encouraged.


You can listen to the album here and buy it on Bandcamp.

Full track descriptions:

Suburban Drones (Dawn Chorus)

The first track to be composed and recorded for the EP.

Inspired by sounds that were removed from my acoustic environment during lockdown, and sounds that were consequently revealed.

Heart (4kHz)

A sonic rendering of a panic attack.

Rain (Garden)

If there's one sound that instantly makes me reach for my recorder and microphones, it's rain.

There's nothing more comforting than a rain storm.

Two Dawns (Middle C)

Two solo's taken from two separate dawn choruses.

The first weeks of lockdown for me were characterised by less noise pollution.

This new found silence, and the provocation of May's International Dawn Chorus Day inspired hours of birdsong recordings.

released July 21, 2020

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthew Tuckey.

With thanks to James Harrison, José Ramón Del Pino, SPUTNIK and Arts Council England.

Recorded during May and June 2020 whilst in lockdown.

all rights reserved.

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