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Lost, Found and Told - New Audio Tales for Northumberland.

Sound Designer

Lost, Found and Told is inspired by traditional fairy tales and draws on the rich heritage and landscape of Northumberland. Originally conceived as a live performance, Covid-19 restrictions has transformed it into an audio production. For more information, please visit the November Club website here

'Sound Designer' describes an array of my responsibilities on this production, including: recording, editing, and mixing and mastering the dialogue, sound effects, music and ambiences. A large portion of the musical content was recorded by the Composer, Katie Doherty, with vocals, Tambur, Drums and Bodhran recorded by me.

For a brief insight to my field recording process on this project, please see the series of mini-blog posts on here.

Creative Team

Writer: Fiona Ellis
Composer: Katie Doherty
Director: Cinzia Hardy
Sound Designer: Matthew Tuckey
Assistant Sound Designer: Corrie Livesey
Production Manager: Simon Henderson
Graphics: Hannah Fox 

Photography: Matthew Tuckey and Cinzia Hardy

Narrators: Janine Birkett, Phil Corbitt, Zoe Lambert, Jane Wade


Jane Wade sings She is
Ella Smith sings The Boy in the Tower
Khalil Abdulrahman (Tambur in Kindness to Strangers )
Lawrence Neale (Drums and Bodhran in Kindness to Strangers)
Andy May (Northumbrian Pipes in She is) 

"Matthew’s creativity and infectious passion for his medium created the perfect setting for a successful and enjoyable collaboration.


The quality of his work and attention to detail was truly exceptional and he showed real understanding, empathy and generosity to all artistic collaborators.

I am extremely proud of our audio production."

- Cinzia Hardy, Director

LFT_NC_Khalil tanbur_photo by MTuckey.JP
LFT_NC_Zoe_photo by Cinzia.jpg
LFT_NC_Me in Studio_photo by Cinzia.jpg
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