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Gobscure in association with Greyscale Theatre

UK Preview Tour

Sound Designer

Creative Team

Writer - sean burn

Cast - Faye Alvi and Scott Turnbull

Director - Selma Dimitrijevic

Sound Designer - Matthew Tuckey

Creative BSL Consultant - Brian Duffy

Assistant Director - Sarah Gonnet

Associate Producer - Chloe Stott

Photo and Digital Design -

​Behind the Scenes Videos - Danielle Giddins

These are example cues taken from throughout the performance, in order to give an impression of the sonic world of the play.

The script regularly references punk music from the '80s and '90s, and so the entire sound design is created from recorded vinyl tracks referenced onstage. Although they are manipulated and abstracted throughout, they create a holistic sonic register. There are a few exceptions however, most notably the recording of a stream at the end of the performance - a refreshing change of pace from the punk tracks!

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