A Christmas Carol

Northern Stage

Associate Sound Designer and Sound No.1

Creative Team

Director - Mark Calvert

Assistant Director - Karen Traynor

Writer - Neil Bartlett

Set & Costume Designer - Rhys Jarman

Lighting Designer - Sam Vivash

Sound Designer - Nick John Williams​

Composer & Musical Director - Hannabiell Sanders

Movement Director - Martin Hylton

Creative Associate - JG Tansley

Associate Sound Designer - Matthew Tuckey

"What really sets this version of A Christmas Carol apart however, is the music. A brand new musical take on the story, this performance has been scored (and performed) by musical director Dr Hannabiell Sanders (of Ladies of Midnight Blue, among others), and it’s her contribution that is most likely to stick in the mind. Expertly weaving traditional English Christmas carols with elements of New Orleans-style jazz, blues and soul, Sanders’ score not only brings foot-stomping boogie to the well-worn festive elements, but also a real sense of menace and the unknown that echoes the unsettling nature of Scrooge’s visitations. What’s more, the score is used and reflected by the cast on the floor, with office equipment such as hand stampers adding to the percussion, while the Ghost of Christmas Present takes on the visage of a stereotypical N’awlins big shot; fur-lined coat, cane, swagger and all." - NARC

 © 2021 by Matthew Tuckey. 

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