I am a Sound Designer and multi-disciplinary performance maker working in theatre, music and video as well as creating independent pieces of sound art. I also regularly collaborate with other artists and theatre makers who are driven by a love of storytelling and immersive experiences.

My practice is often focused on a source material, such as field recordings, interviews, or music, and the creative manipulation of its sonic qualities to create a richly textured soundscape. This sound design practice is rooted in my experiences in experimental music production and devised theatre.

I have worked as a Sound Designer and Associate Sound Designer for theatres and artists including Alphabetti Theatre (Trolley Boy, Walter), Enchanted Parks (Smoke & Mirrors, The House of Lost and Found), Northern Stage (A Christmas Carol) and Filskit Theatre (Stella).​


My work focuses on a holistic sound design that includes content creation, QLab programming, and playback system design. This process is always a collaborative approach involving the wider creative and production teams.


What is a Sound Designer?


I am often asked, "What is a Sound Designer?"

A Sound Designer's job is to plan, through a collaborative creative process, the creation and playback of all sonic content in a live environment, digital media, or tangible product. In most instances this involves sourcing and creating a collection of sound effects, either in the studio or in the field and specifying a loudspeaker system. Sound design can be found in some of the most surprising of places and stretches across a broad range of mediums, from theatre productions to corporate branding, from audio notifications to music, from gaming to podcasting.


  • Sound Design

  • Sound Art

  • Field Recording

  • Studio Recording

  • Music Producer

  • Podcast recording (location, studio, and home)

  • Audio digitisation and repairs

  • Educational workshops and lectures on various areas of sound design, engineering and recording.

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